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About this product:

 Product: Super External Counter-Pulsation Device (SECP)

The device can be used for the treatment of:

(1).Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.
(2).Cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, paralysis agitation, cerebral ischemia of vertebral-basilar artery, sequel of cerebrovascular accident and other encephalopathy caused by ischemia.
(3).Embolism of retinal artery, central serous retinopathy, and optic atrophy and nerve disease for shortage of blood.
(4).Sudden deafness.
(5).Other ischemic diseases and sequels caused by arteriosclerosis and disturbance of circulation, therapy after operation of coronary bypass.
(6).Tiredness due to excessive physical exercise.
(7).Rehabilitation and health-care purposes.

Technical Specification

1. Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR): not less than 80 dB(resolution).
2. Automatic pick-out of the QRS, gating limit at the input terminal, not greater than 0.25 mV. Both positive and negative EC can be detected.
3. Automatically tracing the irregular heart rate, and making possible synchronized counter-pulsation.
4. In case of premature pulsation or delayed deflation, QRS wave triggers the deflation automatically.
5. In case of patient's heart rate is lower than 35 beats/min., the parameter of heart rate on screen becomes red and the ECPT stops automatically, ECPT recovers when the heart rate is normal.
6. At "ADULT" , in case of premature pulsation or the patient's heart rate exceeds 125 beats/min., the parameter of heart rate on screen becomes red and the ECPT stops automatically, and ECPT recovers when the heart rate is normal.
7. The device has 5 adjustable settings for simulated EC waves (inner triggering square waves) i.e. 40,60,80,100,120 beats/min.. In case of turning on or reset, the default setting is 80 beats/min..
8. The device has 9 adjustable settings for treating time, i.e. 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 minutes. In case of turning on, reset or restoration of power supply, the default setting is 50 minutes.
9. The monitor displays:
(1)Heart rate and starting time of inflation and deflation.
(2)Treating time, pulse wave peak ratio: h2 : h1 and area ratio: Area 2 : Area 1.
10. Two settings for counter-pulsation ratio: 1:1 : 1:2.
11. Digital filtering restrains the sine 50 Hz interference signals from EC input.
12.3-trace,3-signal monitor displays the cardiac signal,inflation/deflation signal and pulse waveform synchronously.
13. Limiting inflation time against positive pulsation function is provided.
14. 2 scanning speed settings: 25mm/s and 50 mm/s are provided.
15. Electric-control of pressure regulation.
16. Automatic stop of the pump at the end of treatment.
17. Automatic deflation at the end of the treatment.
18. Power consumption:

    Control Console    : 220V  50/60Hz     500W 
                               110V  50/60Hz    1000W

Air pump(in the bed)   : 380V  50/60Hz    1850W

19. The inflation range (positive pressure) is  not lower than  0-0.04MPa, negative pressure is used for deflation.
20. Upper limit of air-pressure automatically controlled.
21. The turn-off buttons for patient in emergency are fitted at each side of the device.


During the treatment, the specially made inflatable balloon cuffs are wrapped and fastened to the extremities and buttocks of the patient. When the heart in the diastolic stage, the air goes into the balloons in sequence, and compresses the artery by cuffs, so that the blood in diastolic stage can concentrate to the upper part of the body, which increase the blood volume of the heart, and promote the set up of the collateral circulation gradually. After the close of arterial valves, through the deflation of the air in the balloon cuffs, the compressed artery is thus immediately release, so that  it may receive the blood driven from the heart, hence the device decreases the after-load of the heart, and reduces the systolic pressure, which has the therapeutic effect on all kinds of cardiac vascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by myocardial and cerebral ischemia.



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