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Our ECP Devices Compare With Other Competitors' 2013-2-23

Because the External Counter-pulsation (ECP) Devices all apply air-bag style at home and abroad, sequential inflation (very fast, 100ms, inflation and heartbeat are synchronous), Enhanced (EECP) and computer-control. Their quality performance and safety comply with the National Standard. Executive standard covers ISO13485- ” and the requirements of FDA of United State and CE. There is not big difference except air-bag (balloon) deflation among the current manufacturers.
The major difference between ours and others is the synchronization between deflation and heartbeat. Our devices (unique apply Positive/Negative Pressure) deflate under negative pressure, other devices (apply Positive Pressure) deflates due to the natural pressure difference between inside and outside of the air-bag. When Professor Sorroff, the founder of ECP in American Harvard University came to Guangzhou to introduce “Positive/Negative pressure” in 2005, then he knew that our company had achieved this pattern and the only one manufacturer applied it in ECP devices. 
A.   Our ECP devices (Positive/Negative Pressure style) deflate quickly and completely (it ensures the balloons to deflate completely in 120ms). Deflation and inflation synchronizes with heartbeat (namely the air in the balloons discharges completely before next QRS wave.). And other brands ECP devices (Positive Pressure style) discharge slowly and incompletely (it will takes at least 360ms to discharge the compressed air), it will be in the discharging when the next QRS wave occurs. This infringes the requirement of ECP principle.
B.  The monitoring result of left and right cardiac catheterization shows that, Positive/Negative Pressure style ECP devices will not cause end-diastolic pressure rise. But the Positive Pressure style ECP devices discharges slowly and incompletely, the remaining pressure make the end-diastolic pressure rise. At the meanwhile, Systolic pressure of Positive Pressure style ECP devices is 10mm less than that of Positive/Negative Pressure style ECP devices. So our machines (Positive/Negative Pressure style ECP devices) decrease after-load of heart obviously, and make the Counter-pulsation result better.  

C.  Because of deflation quickly and completely, our machines (Positive/Negative Pressure style ECP devices) are suitable for the patients and children with faster heartbeat (the heartbeat of child is usually over 120/minute). At the present, our machines are only one which uses in treatment for children (need special balloons and accessories) and we achieved the clinical experience (Vice-Chairman of Russia Cardiovascular Society came to Guangzhou and visited Guangzhou Woman & Child Hospital).  



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