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Positive Aand Negative Pressure Type ECP Device 2013-2-22

Positive And Negative Pressure Type ECP Device


The Major Innovation of ECP

 “Apply negative pressure is an important direction for developing External Counter Pulsation device (ECP), it brought ECP substantial progress.”

                    ECP founder: Prof. Soroff  Harvard University  August 8th 2005

  On August 8th 2005, Prof. Soroff , Harvard University came to Guangzhou, after he studied ECP device. He highly praised ECP with negative system.

   ECP device applys ECG QRS wave as basic signal (ECG synchronizes the heartbeat of the patient.), that is after arotic lobe closure, through air-bags(balloons) binding the patient’s limbs press the artery, force the blood concentration and perfusion to the aorta and cerebral vascular during diastolic period, promote the gradual establishment of collateral circulation, improve the microcirculation. Diastolic blood pressure increases, air-bags discharges before the arotic lobe opens, the pressed vascular restores and accepts the blood drived from the heart. To lower the systolic blood pressure and end-diastolic pressure, for therapeutic purposes.  

   Traditional ECP device (positive presseure) have been solved the synchronization of heartbeat and air-charging, but did not overcome the synchronization of heartbeat and air-discharging.

   Positive pressure type ECP device applys positive pressure during charging, applys pressure difference between the air and the air-bag during discharging naturally. This type discharging is slow, an inadequately discharging. It is difficulity to discharge adequately in short-time before the systolic end. The pressure in the air-bag is a little higher than outer air. It is not good for pressed vascular to restore, the vascular do not accept the blood driven out from the heart adequately and timely. The pressure increase of end-diastolic and systolic pressure drop are not obvious. So it affects the effect of counterpulsation.

   Negative type(also called positive-negative type) ECP device adds negative pressure system. Applys positive pressure to charge, and applys negative pressure to suck the air out of the air-bag, discharging becomes quickly, let the pressed vascular rebound quickly, it increases the vascular ability to accommodate cardiac ejection significantly. Reducing cardiac afterload is more significant than that of the positive pressure type.

   The clinical result which was performed by Professor Sun Jichuan showed that, positive type ECP made the end-diastolic blood pressure slighly increase, but negative type ECP made the end-diastolic blood pressure decrease. Negative presure type ECP significantly decreased systolic blood prersure greater than simple positive ECP.(see the abstract)

   The engineers in Guangzhou Yidian Medical Equipment Company Limited developed and produced a negative system (obtained National Patent) to ECP device. It is only ECP with negative presure at home and abroad.


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